Leadenhall, UK

225 meters high cheesegrater as a new landmark in the skyline of London

Innovative, unique, spectacular – these describe the features of the Leadenhall Building. Its 10 degree inwardly inclined façade not only ensures an unmistakeable architecture, it is also the reason for its descriptive nickname "the cheese grater", given to it by the population before completion.

Location: London, England
Architect: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, London, England
Builder: British Land Company
Type of building: Office building, retail, gastronomy
Completion: 2014
Building height: 225 m (48 floors)
Systems and profiles: Yuanda-Europe Ltd.
Frame material: Aluminium

Hardware technology: Roto AL

The universal hardware for aluminium windows and balcony doors

Requirements: 560 sets; dimensions: 930 – 1,430 x 2,680 – 2,726 mm; weight: 147 – 220 kg; extraneous emergency entry from the front with a 10° inwards inclination.

Solution: Roto AL; concealed gas pressure springs support the opening and locking process of the sash; flush-encased gearbox with square spindle and special escutcheon cover as emergency release system in case of a fire.


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